Group workshops

Group Workshops

The ION Performance Centre offers bespoke sports nutrition workshops for sports teams, clubs and academies. Whether you are a professional team aiming to deliver sports nutrition education to your players or an amateur club looking for an edge over your competitors, our sports nutrition workshops are tailored to your specific requirements and budget. Sessions can be from one hour to full days and accommodate small or large groups.


Group workshops are a great way to deliver basic sports nutrition concepts to a large number of athletes in a relatively short space of time and are therefore a cost-effective way of delivering nutrition education. A high level of interactivity and time for questions ensures that individual needs can also be met to a great extent, without the need for individual consultations.


Group workshops are perfect for amateur sports clubs, where there may be a lack of awareness about the importance of nutrition, or confusion about the best nutritional practices. Professional teams might also be interested in our Team Consultancy service that offers group sessions and individual consultations and integration with your existing sport science team.

Typical prices:

½ day workshop: £400.00 + Travel expenses (excl. VAT)
Full day workshop: £600.00 + Travel expenses (excl. VAT)


Professional teams might also be interested in our Team Consultancy service.


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