Study options

Study Options

If you are unsure of which option is best, you can discuss this with a member of the Education Team at an Open Day or over the phone.

Class Based

Option Duration Frequency Months
Full - Option 1 9 Months 1 weekend / month Oct - Jun
Full - Option 2 6 Months 1-2 weekends / month Jan - Jun
Accelerated 3 months 6 weekends Jun - Aug

OPTION 1: Full Science Access Course - (9 months)
Course Duration: 9 weekends from October to June
Attendance Frequency: One weekend per month

OPTION 2: Full Science Access Course - (6 months)
Course Duration: 9 weekends from January to June
Attendance Frequency: Two weekends per month

OPTION 3: Accelerated Science Access Course - (3 months)
Course Duration: 6 weekends from July to August
Attendance Frequency: Two weekends per month


Self Study

OPTION 4: Distance Learning Science Access Course - (up to one year)

Students who cannot fit our weekend courses into their schedules can now benefit from our Distance Learning option. The Distance Learning Course was developed to provide high quality e-learning resources that enable studying from home without compromising on quality of the learning experience or tutor support.

All learning and assessment is run at a distance, but students need access to a good Broadband Internet connection. Effective time management is crucial and we recommend a scheduled programme running alongside our Full Science Access Course to help students maintain their motivation and steady progress. The access to learning materials is limited to one year.

OPTION 5: Independent Study Access Course - (up to one year)
The Independent Study option is suitable for students with a prior science background that needs updating. For each module, students are provided with an Independent Study Pack that contains a range of study materials (syllabus, learning outcomes, core textbook, workbook, guided reading and a sample examination paper). Students have access to tutor support by email.  Examinations are held regularly throughout the year.

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