Interested in Nutrition?

Consider our Home Study course or choose from a number of one day lively food tasting and education days to improve your understanding of nutrition and help you make changes.

Home Study Pack
Food tasting and education days

Open Days/Evenings

If you are interested to know what Nutritional Therapy entails and would like to speak to some of our practising graduates, why not come to one of our Open days/evenings.


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You might find your answer in our FAQ's. If not, please call or write us and we will respond as quickly as possible.

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Considering a career in Nutrition?

ION's Nutritional Therapy Diploma is our flagship course fully accredited by the Nutritional Therapy Council. 

To support students who don't have a background in the sciences we also offer a Science Access course.

Science Access Course
Nutritional Therapy Diploma (NTDC)
Distance learning: e-NTDC


How to apply for a course

Register for an Open Day - Interview - Receive Offer - Pay Fees & Enroll

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Education at ION

ION is proud to offer some of the most cutting-edge education in Nutrition.

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Already a practitioner?

ION runs one to three day CPD and refresher courses for qualified health practitioners to keep you up to date on the latest evidence and practical recommendations.

CPD and refresher courses

Student Facilities

Students studying at ION have a wide range of learning resources available to them, most of which are available from your home PC.

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Keep up to date with the latest nutrition news, search for articles, join our forum, or read our blog.

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