Frequently asked questions



Q:  How can nutritional therapy help me?

A:  Once you’ve made the connection between nutrition and good health, we can show you the way forward. Our commitment to you involves helping you improve your well-being by determining how your current diet & lifestyle are contributing to your health, or advising you what other approaches may help.


Q:  What will I get out of the consultation?

A: During your consultation we will explore your own personal needs and health goals. You will be advised on which foods are likely to be beneficial and those that may be better-avoided as well as lifestyle factors to consider. All these recommendations will be tailor made for you personally, are designed to fit into your lifestyle and are given in practical stages so you can make changes at your own pace. We support you with delicious easy recipes, shopping lists and information to help you make the transition to healthier eating and better health.


Q:  How long does a nutritional therapy session last?

A:  First appointments are always scheduled for 60-minutes. This enables a thorough case history to be taken and health optimisation strategy to be put in place. Subsequent appointments last for either 45 or 60-minutes, and this is your choice.


Q:  How many sessions will I need?

A:  This will depend on your individual requirements and can be discussed with your practitioner during your first consultation. Typically two to three appointments are appropriate, but each case is different. There is no set schedule and no minimum number.


Q:  What are the costs involved in a nutrition consultation?

A: Initial consultations (60-minutes): £120. Follow-up consultations (45-minutes): £90. All consultations require a £25 deposit (non-refundable)



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